Wycombe Youth Action

Many of our current volunteers have come up through the ranks of Wycombe Youth Action and are committed to helping young people just like them. By encouraging development of their natural skills, these volunteers are now the leaders and confidantes of our young people.

We’re proud of these young people and would like everyone to have the opportunity of doing something great and feeling something great!

We are kicking-off a brand-new volunteering project with the purpose of giving young volunteers skills and confidence, together with a voyage of discovery to find out what they are capable of when it comes to making their mark in the community.

Experience isn’t necessary, we’re looking for enthusiasm and commitment; changing lives and making a difference is a great feeling and extremely rewarding.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, volunteer with us to make a difference to young people’s lives and their community.

Bethany Bravington is now a WYA volunteer after attending their youth clubs as a young person:

“Wycombe Youth Action has been a huge part of life and has contributed to me becoming a confident member of the community; something I thought would never happen.

“Since my confidence has grown, I now represent WYA as chairperson at the Youth Council and this has been an amazing experience where I’ve built some great relationships.

“I can’t describe how much WYA has done for me and how much it means to me. No matter what I’d been through, I would arrive at Girls’ Group and forget all about it.  They’ve helped me to change my life and begin volunteering for a cause I really care about. I’m really grateful for all WYA has done for me.”

For further information contact: info@wycombeyouthaction.co.uk or use our Get In Touch page.