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All of our activities/events are free for young people however, as we are a registered charity,
any donations made would be gratefully received.
To sign up for any of the activities below please email us: info@wycombeyouthaction.co.uk



#BreakingBarriers is a project designed to establish and develop a connection between young people from the local area, local heritage sites and environment. We facilitate and encourage positive dialogue amongst young people with regard racial discrimination, gender inequality, LGBTQ+, cultural stereotypes and mental health – breaking down the barriers between young people and these issues through informal education, outdoor activities, guest speakers from differing backgrounds and direct conversation.

Who for: Young people aged between 11 – 19 years old

Status: Available in school holidays


Youth Council

With Buckinghamshire Council, we engage and equip the young people on the Youth Council with the knowledge and support to run school elections, with the skills required for campaigning and an understanding of politics. The group volunteer within the community and run their own projects. We try to have at least one pupil from the secondary schools in the local area

Who for: Young people aged between 11 – 18 years old

Status: Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month




Mentoring Programme

Our mentoring schemes support young people who need guidance to cope with and overcome issues and barriers, to realise their full potential. We address their social, emotional and personal wellbeing, while also serving young people at risk of social exclusion, isolation, grooming, exploitation, gangs and serious violence, through coaching and mentoring, 1:1 sessions, personal support and our youth clubs.

Who for: Young people aged between 11 – 25 years

Status: Ongoing




United and Stronger

United and Stronger works on the relationships young women have with their mother, aunt, older sister or other significant female in their lives and aims to encourage good communication and working together through creativity. This project establishes positive conversations with the objective to build a creative framework incorporating ideas from both sides.

Who for: Young women aged between 11 – 19 years old and the significant female role model in their lives

Status: Available in school holidays




This project is delivered online and includes workshops/sessions delivered in a safe environment to young people virtually across Buckinghamshire. Our workshops cover topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, photography, sport, music and cooking. These sessions encourage young people to think for themselves and include group discussions to encourage confidence and self-esteem.

Who for: Young people aged between 11 – 19 years old

Status: This project ran throughout lockdown and can be reinstated at any time



OK to Talk

Aimed at young men but we wouldn’t exclude any young person. This project provides a universal service for diverse groups of young men/people. We offer structured sessions delivered to schools, alternative provision and youth clubs which are informal and cover such issues as: mental health, mindfulness, personal development, wellbeing, healthy relationships, healthy eating and cooking, lifestyle and exercise.

Who for: Young people aged between 11 – 16 years old

Status: Ongoing



Beauty and The Truth 

The aim of the project is to break down the concepts of beauty; it addresses beauty and the concept ‘is beauty more than skin deep’. The project is an exploration of beauty outside of self, aiming to raise awareness and break the cycle of relating the word beauty only to aesthetics.  It also aims for those attending to understand how different personality traits bring beauty to the world.

Who for: Young women aged between 11 – 16 years old

Status: Ongoing


Empowering Young Women

Delivered in schools, these workshops/sessions consist of the following topics: Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Body Image, Self Esteem, Bullying, Teenagers and the Media, Sexual Exploitation, Identity, Who Am I? Health and Well Being. These sessions are delivered in a relaxed manner and the young women are encouraged to think for themselves. Group discussions are used to encourage confidence and self-esteem

Who for: Young women aged between 11 – 16 years old

Status: Ongoing